Beavers Bend hiking and biking information: including hiking trail info, maps and an article on different trails.

Beavers Bend Hiking and Biking Trails

To get the true feel of the Kiamichi wilderness, one must take a journey on one of the many hiking trails. Throughout the Beavers Bend State Park area, hikers of all skill levels will get a chance to experience a track through the wild. Ranging in lengths from one to 12 miles. The David Boren Trail is the longest and allows hikers to camp along the route. As you find yourself immersed in the towering pines, you may hear the tap of a woodpecker, or the rustle from a wandering deer. Each time you visit the trails, you will witness something new. It should definitely be part of any Broken Bow or Beavers Bend getaway.

Beavers Bend Hiking Trails:

  • South Park - 1 mile; easy route for those who want to stay on level ground.
  • Junction with South Park - 1 mile; easy trail for those who want a less intensive hike.
  • Beaver Creek Crossing - 1.5 miles; A bit more challenging. Several steep climbs.
  • Deer Cross - Cedar Bluff - about 2 miles; Some climbs, but not extremely steep.
  • Cedar Bluff - Beaver Lodge Trail - 6 miles; Lots of steep grades. Designed for the more serious hiker.
  • Skyline Trail - 6 miles; Steep terrain. For experienced hikers only. More challenging to some than the Cedar Bluff. Hikers need to be able to withstand elevation hiking. However, the views you'll see will be well worth the climb.
  • David Boren Hiking Trail - it offers 16 miles of hiking Trails with 4 miles of multi-purpose ( mountain bike) trails that wander along ridge tops and over creek bottoms. The 12 mile Boren hiking trail runs from south to north. Starts at the low-water dam at the south end of Beavers Bend and then connects with the Beaver Lodge Nature Trail, full of steep grades. The trail is well defined and is a narrow, one-person trail - which means no bicyclists to watch out for. Keep in mind that this trail does not loop around to the starting point.

The Beavers Bend area also offers many biking trails. Please visit these links to get more info on the Beavers Bend and Broken Bow trails.

Broken Bow Hiking & Biking Information :

Trail Information:
The Forest Heritage Center has a map of all the trails within Beavers Bend State Park.
(580) 494-6300
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